"How to Market a Restaurant"

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Dear fellow restaurant owner – are you:

  • stressed by the low pay for the many hours you work?
  • unsure how to compete with the big chains?
  • tired of spending money on ineffective marketing?
  • needing to fill down times and attract new customers?
  • aware that you could do more, if only you knew how?

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Welcome to Win Win Restaurant Marketing Systems. I know all about it – I am a restaurant owner and coach with over 15 years experience and many success stories helping restaurateurs build their businesses. I know the importance of having good marketing to keep customers coming through the door and spending more. But I also know the challenges of finding the time to create effective and affordable restaurant specific marketing.

That’s why I created the Win Win Restaurant Marketing System that gives you everything you need to create proven restaurant marketing campaigns and double your profits, in just 15 MINUTES a day. A year’s worth of restaurant marketing and success secrets, ALREADY DONE FOR YOU!

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To your success,

Amy Foxwell

What Restaurant Owners Have to Say About Win Win Marketing 

“Win Win  Marketing is a must-have resource for any restaurant owner or manager. What I  like are how simple, effective and affordable the ideas are. And the ‘ready  made’ campaigns make a restaurant manager’s life that much easier.  Amy  Foxwell is a fellow restaurant owner and an excellent marketer. She  understands the industry and she knows the secrets of how to grow a restaurant  business. With Amy on his side, how could a restaurateur not succeed?”
-  Richard McClure, FPA – manager of Carrol’s Creek Restaurant in Annapolis,  Maryland, former president of The Restaurant Association of Maryland, 1999  “Restauranteur of the Year”

 “We were so happy to have Amy contribute to our magazine. Her ideas and done-for-you templates are perfect for independent restaurants. She really understands what it means to own a small business, and her back-to-basics approach is insightful and refreshing. Amy knows her stuff, and really wants to help other restaurateurs succeed. That gets our stamp of approval for sure.”

-Mara Miller, Editor of The Independent Restaurateur

“Having a whole year’s worth of restaurant marketing already completed and ready to use has been invaluable to growing the restaurant. But not only that, it’s been a weight off my mind knowing that it’s all taken care of. Win Win Restaurant Marketing Systems is worth it just for the peace of mind.”
- Jean Sebastien Gentil

“It’s FANTASTIC – The ideas are so simple that its almost just common sense and yet most business owners just wouldn’t have the time to think of them”
- Lia Banton

“What I found great, is that you talk about many different marketing methods that you have compiled. And when you’re not an expert marketer, it is very useful to have an overview of the whole thing and to plan many differents marketing actions. Thanks.”
– Karine Marth

Working with Amy has been the difference between success and failure for us.
– Audrey Faine

“I really enjoyed working with Amy. She helped me expand my outlook on my business and my vision and gave me new possibilities and a new way of seeing things. Amy gave me the professional and external vision of things that is often missing when you manage a business alone.”
- Nathalie Vingot Mei

“Win Win Marketing has been instrumental in helping us rethink our strategy and set our business up for growth. I would recommend it as a resource to anyone who wants to build the business they have always dreamed of.”
- Carla Massarini

“The end result was an easy to understand recommendation that we were able to execute immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them.”
- Tracy Blacher