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fade-leftfade-rightRestaurant Owners and Managers:

Are you tired of being alone as you work hard to build your restaurant into a successful business? Are you fed up with the long hours and low pay of running a restaurant? Did you picture a much different business when starting your restaurant? Are you frustrated by the competition from big chain restaurants and the ‘lowest price’ competition of other restaurants? Do you know that you could be doing more to run your restaurant successfully, but you aren’t sure what to do or how to begin? Are you drained from all of the so-called restaurant marketing and advertising people that take your money and get you no results?

"We were so happy to have Amy contribute to our magazine. Her ideas and done-for-you templates are perfect for independent restaurants. She really understands what it means to own a small business, and her back-to-basics approach is insightful and refreshing. Amy knows her stuff, and really wants to help other restaurateurs succeed. That gets our stamp of approval for sure."

Mara Miller
Editor of The Independent Restaurateur

Well, you are about to discover a way to grow your restaurant business quickly, easily and affordably, and by spending JUST 15 MINUTES A DAY.

Imagine learning all the secrets of successful restaurant owners. If you  know that you deserve to be making more money and working less hours, then listen up. I have proven marketing secrets and done for you templates that are easy to implement and that will increase your restaurant income dramatically, and immediately.

Introducing the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit – Your answer to getting new customers, increasing profits and growing your restaurant….all while keeping your sanity! I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS AND INCREASE PROFITS WHILE WORKING LESS HOURS AND SPENDING LESS MONEY.

Let me share a quick story with you. In 1999 my husband and I bought a restaurant. To be sure we made the classic mistake – it wasn’t in the best location. But I was a trained marketer and so we started marketing the heck out of it. It was a challenge and I had to be pretty crafty, but we succeeded and  now the restaurant is a roaring success. Running a restaurant is such a pleasure now! So much so that we are in the process of opening another!

Colleagues and fellow restaurateurs were blown away by our success and so I began helping them build their restaurant businesses. And that’s when the penny dropped. There was a real need for easy, effective and affordable marketing for restaurants.

So I created Win Win Restaurant Marketing, a revolutionary new restaurant marketing kit combining practical easy to implement marketing ideas with ‘done for you’ templates and marketing ideas all ready to use, right out of the box.

Are you:

  •  stressed by the low pay for the many hours you work?
  • unsure how to compete with the big chains?
  • drained from the advertising reps that hound you with no return?
  • tired of spending money on ineffective marketing
  • needing to attract new customers and earn more from existing ones?
  • aware that you could be doing more to build your restaurant business but just don't have the time?

The good news is - all that can change TODAY!

With our Restaurant Marketing Back to Basics Kit you’ll have the secret tools of easy to implement, affordable and effective restaurant marketing that super successful restaurant owners use to run a restuarant…ALREADY DONE FOR YOU. Imagine already having an entire year of restaurant marketing planned out and ready to use. You'll be able to complete the marketing you know you need to do, quickly and easily to get new customers in the door and get existing customers spending more.

Of course you could always use an expensive restaurant marketing agency or hire a marketing manager. Or you could give in to all of those ad reps that hound you to spend your money on ineffective restaurant advertising. But why when there is a better, easier and more cost effective solution?

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Amy Foxwell and I am a restaurant owner and consultant with over 15 years experience and many success stories helping restaurateurs build their businesses. You may have heard me speak or read one of my articles. I’m an author, a renowned coach and married to a chef. In fact, I had so much success with our own restaurant, that I decided I would help people full-time to build flourishing and profitable restaurants as well as achieve their professional goals. You see, I know from personal experience all about the long hours, the little family time, the low pay for the work that is done. So I spent time developing a proven system that will help restaurateurs reach their goals, quickly, easily, and affordably.

I bet you say to yourself: “My restaurant is such a great place. If only I could get more people to try it I am sure they would love it”

I know, because that is what my husband and I said to ourselves. We know how frustrating it is to be sure that your restaurant is the best in town, but lost at knowing how to get people to try it. And even if you did know how to attract more customers, the simple truth is that as a restaurant owner and manager, you find it hard to find the time to do it. I know how many hours you put into making sure the customer has a great experience; that the food is great, service impeccable, décor just right. But what you can’t understand, is why after all this work and effort, you are just making a living, and you aren’t getting rich, which was the plan. If people are rewarded in proportion to the hours, effort and love that they put into their work, surely you deserve to be making a great living! Surely a restaurant owner’s salary can be a good one. And there are so many details to worry about on a day to day basis, how can you even begin to find enough time to do marketing? But sadly, attention to all those details still isn’t enough to make your restaurant thrive if you don’t take care of the restaurant marketing.

“Win Win  Marketing is a must-have resource for any restaurant owner or manager. What I  like are how simple, effective and affordable the ideas are. And the ‘ready  made’ campaigns make a restaurant manager’s life that much easier.  Amy  Foxwell is a fellow restaurant owner and an excellent marketer. She  understands the industry and she knows the secrets of how to grow a restaurant  business. With Amy on his side, how could a restaurateur not succeed?”

Richard McClure, FMP - Manager of Carrol's Creek Restuarant, former Restaurant Association of Maryland President and 'Restauranteur of the Year'

Restaurant Success Fact #1 - You have to do more than just have good food and good service.

You CAN be a successful restaurant owner, but you must learn how to apply certain marketing and business principals.  No matter how good your food, service, or ambiance is, you will have to carry out marketing to get new customers and get more out of the ones that you’ve got.

Even the best restaurant won’t make it if they don’t attract new customers.  

I know it seems unfair. Heck my very talented French chef husband would throw up his hands in dismay every time we discussed it, but it is a fact. The bottom line success of your restaurant is dependent on your marketing, not just on how good the food is, how wonderful the service is or how snazzy the décor is. Now, don’t despair, these are important details. And you can be sure that you won’t succeed in the long term with an inferior product.  However the point is, if nobody knows that you have a good product, then what is the point? You MUST have marketing, and when I say marketing, I mean good, EFFECTIVE restaurant marketing in place to really grow your business.

Restaurant Success Fact #2 - You can’t just go through the motions and expect marketing to be effective.

What I mean is, you can’t just buy a restaurant ad from the ad reps that come by to sell to you and hope that this will work. After all, these ad reps could care less about your restaurant; they just want to sell ad space. They aren’t there to make sure you have an effective ad that will stand out among all the other ads that they have sold to everyone else in the community.

Now, I know this can be incredibly frustrating.

How are you supposed to know what effective restaurant marketing is? You have probably set aside some marketing money and tried various activities, but with poor results. And instead of pouring good money down the drain, you would rather just do nothing or do what everyone else is doing (they must know what restaurant marketing works, right?). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had lots of customers that loved your restaurant, paid a decent price to eat there and talked about it to everyone?

How would you get that? Well, my husband and I have that and we have spent lots of time trialing and testing what works and what doesn’t. And I’ve personally helped many colleagues apply the fundamentals of easy, effective and affordable marketing to grow their restaurant. I will show you a little farther down how you can now benefit from all of this experience to increase profits and get more customers.

Restaurant Success Fact #3 - Stop spending money on restaurant marketing that doesn’t work.

The right marketing does work. The wrong doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. And I can guarantee you that an ad or mailer with your logo and address isn’t going to work. No matter how many times you use it. Funny how we keep doing the same things, even though they aren’t working. But that’s normal isn’t it, better to do something than nothing at all. Well, no not really. Better to spend money on something that gets proven results!

In our Win Win Restaurant Back to Basics Guide we will show you what works in an ad and what doesn’t so you can use this knowledge again and again. Not only that, we will show you examples of what has worked and even give you templates that you can modify with your own details. The experience, the testing, even the graphics work have all been done for you. And once you have learned the principles they are yours forever, no matter how your business grows or what you end up doing in the future you’ll have this important knowledge for yourself to apply again and again.

Restaurant Success Fact #4 - You must use different restaurant marketing tactics to have a flow of new customers, keep customers coming back and get more from your existing customers.

It’s not like you don’t have enough to take care of with staff, and purchasing, regulations and customer service. But if you only concentrate on these things, and let the marketing go by the wayside, soon enough you won’t have any worries, because you will be out of the restaurant business.

But how do you know what works? Where can you find someone to tell it to you straight? And where will you get the time to do all this extra work? You can barely get everything done as it is.

This is where you need help. And our Win Win Restaurant Marketing Back to Basics Kit will help you do just that. My insider secrets and restaurant marketing tips that I have learned from being a restaurant owner, just like you will allow you to apply EASY, AFFORDABLE, AND EFFECTIVE restaurant marketing that works every time to get you new customers and new revenue streams.

You’ll be earning the money you deserve, you’ll be able to hire staff so you can have some time off with your family. Imagine – you’ll even be able to go away on holiday! Customers will be happy with the experience and you’ll be admired in your community. Your business will become what you had envisioned.

You won’t have to worry about the slow season, or down times or the big restaurant chains moving in and gobbling up your business. You’ll have a solid business that keeps growing. You’ll even be able to expand if you want.


Easy! By getting our PROVEN Restaurant Marketing Back to Basics kit to bring in more customers, increase your revenue and build your restaurant.

Restaurant Success Fact #5 - You must do things differently to stand out from the crowd, to beat your competition, to be successful.

If you do what everyone else does, then you’ll get the results that everyone else does. I don’t know about you, but I hear loads of doom and gloom in the food industry. It’s tough, and that is what everyone talks about. And it’s true – it IS tough. Especially when you haven’t got a process or and help on how to break through and do it differently. But you MUST do it differently to succeed.

And our restaurant marketing kit has been designed to do just that. Our revolutionary Win Win Restaurant Marketing Back to Basics Kit has been created specifically to operate flawlessly and profitably for every restaurant owner.

It has been designed with one aim in mind: to take any restaurant business and double its profits within 12 months.

fade-leftfade-rightI Have Some Incredibly Good News for You

I have some incredibly good news for you

The truth is... a small number of restaurants - perhaps just 5% - are actually growing and doing better now than they ever were before. We know because we work with many of them. There is no complaining with them. On the contrary, most are excited and energized by how well their restaurant is doing. Many have had their best year ever.

But what about the others? The ones that you hear at industry events and while doing your shopping. They’re the ones struggling, seeing their restaurant businesses dwindle because they mistakenly believe they are powerless, or they are just plain tired ... and many are consequently facing the ultimate catastrophe of going out of business altogether.

So, why do the 5% do better? Is it a coincidence? Are they luckier than the others? No.

The reason that some restaurants fail, or just survive, and others flourish, comes down to the savvy restaurateurs who are running those businesses, and their understanding of some simple but powerful and profoundly important fundamentals.

And it is these fundamentals that the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Back to Basics Kit teaches you and helps you implement.

Bluntly, success for your restaurant always comes back to three things: marketing, a good customer experience and mindset. Successful businesses all share one thing in common: they’re all excellent at marketing. Without this essential skill, the rest is irrelevant.

But this isn’t something you’re born with.

It’s knowledge, it’s attitude, it’s a behavior, it’s something you can learn. But you have to be taught. And if you want to be the best, you must be taught by the best. By people who have been there and have already made the mistakes and learned the lessons. Why reinvent the wheel, spending lots of time and money when you can invest in using someone else’s expertise, mush as an accountant pays for his fees many times over with the money he saves you. Following the cardinal rule of successful business owners by using other people’s knowledge is the fastest way to growth.

The implications are clear: any restaurant can grow and become successful by taking the time to become excellent at marketing.


Any restaurateur can learn how to do restaurant marketing and find tools to help him or her do it.

Maybe you think that you can’t. Maybe you think that you don’t have the time or just plain aren’t interested in something as boring and abstract as restaurant marketing. But I am here to tell you that you can. That it is fairly simple and fundamental and that you can learn the basics as well as find resources that help you get done what needs to be done.

But to be completely frank with you, few restaurateurs ever understand this, let alone do anything about it. They concentrate solely on their décor, or food or service and fail to realize no matter how good it is... if no one’s coming to the restaurant ... they’re not making any money. And so most restaurateurs end up disappointed frustrated, lonely and, often, bankrupt (there’s a reason 90% of all restaurants fail and now you’ve just discovered it).

If you want to survive, never mind succeed, then now ‘good’ is no longer good enough.

So, let me introduce...

The Win Win Restaurant Marketing Back to Basics Kit

Note: the Win Win Restaurant Back to Basics Kit  is not the same old techniques that you’ve seen before. This is a collection of powerful tools based on my 15+ years working for Fortune 500 companies (believe me, they know what they are doing) and applying it to restaurants and small businesses (like my own restaurant). This is immediately useable, effective and inexpensive marketing that is guaranteed to get you customers and new revenue streams.  Tools you can put to work literally within an hour to immediately set yourself on the road to extraordinary success.

Here’s a “sneak preview” of what you’ll discover in the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit:

If you’re at all familiar with my work you’ll know I’m a leading provider of marketing, internet, sales and business information for restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, and I am well known for my strategies that produce profit increases of 50-250%. Every year, I help businesses and restaurant owners grow their business, increase their profits, free up their time, get more customers, find new revenue stream, harness the Internet and radically shift their business strategy. I’ve worked with everyone from large businesses like Microsoft and Disney to small start ups and many, many restaurants (including my own).  For almost 2 decades, I have worked with leaders in their field and have gathered the secrets that make them successful. I show you what they do in simple but profoundly effective steps that you can take to achieve what most believe to be impossible profit increases.

I tell you all this not to boast but to explain that I KNOW the problems you’re facing... and, even more importantly... I know how to fix them for you, once and for all.

I’ve put together the most powerful marketing techniques I’ve tried, tested and proven over the past 15 years+ and made it into what is the very last word in effective restaurant marketing: the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Back to Basics Kit.

In the Win Win Restaurant Marketing System, You Will Discover:


  • Simple referral campaigns that you implement once then put on auto pilot to ensure a steady stream of new customers
  • Fill those quiet periods, with 'done for you' programs you can put in place quickly and easily
  • Get more out of each and every customer without them feeling like they’ve actually spent it
  • Create loyalty, fans and advocates
  • Use deadly secret weapons against your competition
  • Keep customers coming back time after time after time after time
  • Create the best restaurant advertising that is proven to pull in the customers - created and ready to go
  • Use emails – already prepared and ready to send to new and existing customers
  • Getting FREE press coverage, how to work the local press, how to create PR the press will want to print
  • And much, much more...

You will increase your profits by 100% or more in just 3 months.

Any one of these could add thousands to your bottom line. Just imagine if you used several.

The Win Win Restaurant Marketing System gives you all the tools, already created and ready to use, right out of the box!

Along with the Back to Basics Kit full of easy to implement restaurant marketing ideas, you’ll receive a CD full of templates, done for you campaigns that you and your staff can use quickly and easily by just changing logos, modifying the information and Presto! The campaign is ready to go! And  these templates are yours to use and reuse as needed. Having a library of restaurant marketing ideas, offers, vouchers & coupons you can use and reuse is an essential asset for a successful restaurant owner or manager.

Sell The Main Benefit Of Your Course Here

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The Price? For you, That’s the REALLY Good News. All in all, the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit is a total value of $3,695, but wait…that’s not the price you pay.

You get all this for ONLY $197!! That’s right, $197!

PLUS, if you act today, we’ll add in 2 bonuses worth $99 each just to help you on your way:

  • 1. A free report on What NOT to Do as a Restaurant Owner (a $99 value)
  • 2. The 25 Restaurant Business Rules that You Absolutely MUST Follow to Be Successful (a $99 value)

Everything is ALREADY DONE FOR YOU, you just need to be ready to implement and see the results pay for themselves.

Let me just point out that you will earn back the cost of the system and much more by applying just one of the proven techniques. The cost will be covered by just one successful restaurant advertisement or press article. Or one restaurant marketing activity with a partner that brings in new revenue streams. You only need several new customers for the Restaurant Marketing Kit to have paid for itself.  And I guarantee that with this system you will attract that and many, many more; probably within the first few months. Many of the restaurant marketing strategies and activities in the system are designed to bring you thousands of dollars in incremental revenue.  The cost is the equivalent of a one-off advertising campaign, which most likely won’t even work very well. You’ll probably spend a lot of money this year on yellow pages, brochures and advertising that, since you won’t have the essential knowledge to make these truly powerful, will not be as effective as they could be, or even at all. You can easily throw the same amount away on a coupon mailer that won’t even pay for itself. And once you have these secrets and tools in hand you'll be able to use them over and over again, wherever you are.

“The Win Win Restaurant Marketing System is great.”

Branches Cafe

These campaigns are proven, you'll just need to switch out the logos, change the information and use...and watch the customers and the profits start rolling in! And we feel so strongly that you & your business will benefit so much from our restaurant marketing system that we are prepared to give you a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! After all, our business is about making you SUCCESSFUL. 

Trial the restaurant marketing system for 30 days.If after seeing the improvements in your restaurant business, you aren't completely satisfied, then simply return everything to us for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. And keep the free bonuses as our

Too Good to Be True?

I can understand that you might be skeptical. But just have a look at our testimonials and listen to what our customers have to say. Before I explain all the benefits that you will receive with the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit, let me just answer some of the questions that many of our customers have had.

How quickly will I start seeing the results and how much will it cost to get started?

I have made sure that there are a wide range of restaurant marketing strategies that you can apply. Everything from quickly implemented and cost effective activities that will bring immediate results, to longer term actions that will lay the foundations for years of future wealth. Some strategies cost very little, or even nothing to implement, while others may cost thousands. There is a large choice so that you can choose what is right for your restaurant. And of course, you can immediately implement the quick easy and inexpensive restaurant marketing strategies and then use the extra profits to put in place the longer term actions.

The most important thing is to have the knowledge and the strategies that will allow you to make sure that any restaurant marketing action that you put in place will succeed.

Are you sure that this will work? How can I be sure that this isn’t just another way to take my money?

I am absolutely sure these strategies will work for you. Why? Because they have worked for me and many others that I have helped to grow their restaurant business. I am so sure that I guarantee it 100%. If you apply the restaurant marketing strategies, and do not see any results within 60 days, then I’ll refund your money 100%. No questions asked. No fine print. If you aren’t happy with the results, if it doesn’t make you money, then I will give you a full refund. End of story.

This means you have a NO RISK way to increase your profits, get more customers and be on your way to entrepreneurial wealth.

Do you really think that I would offer this no risk money back guarantee if I wasn’t completely convinced that the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit will exceed your expectations and make a huge change in your professional life, give you your life back and increase your level of wealth?

Do I have to already be in business to make this work?

No. The Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit is for those who are starting a restaurant, opening a café or food establishment, or thinking of becoming a restaurant owner as well as restaurant owners and managers. This information will be invaluable for you as you set up your restaurant, catering business, bakery, bar or food related business.

Do I need any special equipment? Does the system work for one type of food-related business?

You won’t need any special equipment and the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit will work for any food-related business. You can learn the basics and leverage the tools that you are given for any food industry business, large, or small.

Why should I pay you? I can learn this on my own.

Perhaps you could. But it will probably take you the same amount of time and resources as it did me. Let’s face it, there is no substitute for experience. And I’ve been marketing for 15+ years, learning from the pros, testing strategies and spending a lot of time and money to perfect the restaurant marketing strategies and tools that you will receive with the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit. Why waste so much time doing it yourself, when it’s all already been done for you? Why not use the already made templates, restaurant marketing programs, tools and experience of others to IMMEDIATELY start acquiring wealth? Time is money after all.

Why do this? I already get restaurant marketing support from my franchise.

Well, if you are like any of the many other franchisees out there you do receive some standard marketing, but nothing tailored that will help you actively get customers through the door and then, most importantly, keep selling to those very customers. Big franchisers are very often out of touch with the situation on the ground of small restaurant owners.

Will this work in my country?

These strategies are basic foundations of good, powerful restaurant marketing. Not only will you be able to apply them to any business you open, but they apply to all countries. We know because we have worked with businesses throughout the US, the UK, Canada and Europe. What’s even better is we will bring you knowledge from around the world, which will make you even more competitive.

What is so special about what you do?

Well, for one, it’s all based on actual restaurant marketing that has been done. With all of the mistakes and learning ironed out, so what you get is proven, foolproof methods designed not only to get you more customers, but to get you more PROFIT.

And for another – well, I have been there, and have lived the long hours, the frustration, the difficulties. The entire system is built with you, as a restaurant owner and food industry manager in mind.

One Final Thought Before You Decide

Let me be blunt one last time: being a restaurant owner is a hard road, and it is basically ruthless 'survival' of the fittest in the restaurant business world. But you CAN be the fittest. All you need is to put all the knowledge and tools in your corner.

And if you knew that what it would cost to have these tools and this knowledge was just a fraction of the added profits that you would earn, well you wouldn’t hesitate would you? If the knowledge is out there, why would you refuse it? If the cost of the mentoring club would pay for itself many times over with new customers, new revenue streams, not to mention more time off, less headaches and higher profits for you, well then you’d have to be crazy to pass up the opportunity, wouldn’t you?

We see very clearly two types of restaurateurs, those that think they can do it on their own, that would rather be a penny wise, but a pound foolish. And they are they are the restaurants that struggle, that live day to day. They refuse to do any marketing or learn the secrets to a good business. They believe that marketing is just like selling used cars, and blowing hot air. I know, I’ve seen many of these skeptics. And then there are those restaurant owners that understand that managing their business is part of the adventure. That learning good restaurant marketing is essential and those who are determined to embrace and thrive from the opportunities the challenges of running a restaurant offer.

This is not hype or wishful thinking. This is proven fact. It’s proven by the restaurant owners who have decided to become excellent at restaurant marketing and are seeing the almost instant and unbelievable results the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit brings (even small changes to your marketing has a HUGE effect).

So, here’s the essence of it: I’ve done the best I can to make the powerful Win Win Restaurant Marketing Kit available to you.

And your decision– your only decision – is whether to invest in it or not.

Think about how you will feel when you start earning what you deserve, when you can take your first family holiday, when you can sell your restaurant business for top dollar. You will think back and be so happy that you took this step to take your future into your own hands and build a lasting business instead of surviving day to day.

But will this work for my restaurant? I’m skeptical about these types of programs. I’ve had bad experiences before with people taking my money while promising the moon. This sounds just too good to be true.

I know it probably does. Especially hearing that there is a way out of the long hours, low pay and frustration. But that is why I have made it an unbeatable offer with a NO RISK guarantee.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why are you doing this?

I’ve been in marketing for over 15 years and have learned a lot and helped a lot of small businesses and restaurants. The knowledge that I have accumulated is my trade. And I want to build a business where I can help people while I build my business. Honestly help people. I believe that small business is the backbone of society. That it injects money into the society, and builds the confidence of those that are in the adventure of a small business. Helping these people, passing the knowledge on that I have gained, well, I can’t think of a better business to be in.

And I think we have succeeded. Just have a look at our testimonials and you will see why I think that we have succeeded. There is no hidden agenda here. My business is to help you with your business. If you succeed, well then I succeed.

What do you have to lose?

Really, what do you have to lose? Nothing. You have a NO RISK guarantee of a full money back refund if the system does not increase your bottom line.

What do you have to gain?

Everything. Increased revenue, your time, your family life, a more saleable restaurant, less stress. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I understand that this seems like a lot, coming up with that much money can be a big investment for you. But then, you are exactly who should be investing so that in a few months $197 is nothing, especially $197 that will then bring you even more money.

Some final thoughts.

Picasso said “Action is the fundamental key to success”. And I have found this to be true, for myself and my clients. If you truly want to improve your life, have wealth, grow your business and have the life you dream of, then you MUST act now.

So please, whatever you decide... DO decide... and decide quickly. Because if you’re not going to do it now... when WILL you?

Here’s to your Success, in the Restaurant Business and Life!


PS: Try the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Back-to-Basics Kit now and see your restaurant business improve TODAY.

PPS: If you sign up now, I’ll send you $200 worth of FREE Bonus Material – ‘The Restaurant Business Rules’ and ‘What Not to Do as a Restaurant Owner’.

PPPS: If you still have questions before you signup send us an email: [email protected]

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You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

If you are not happy with the results, just return the kit within 30 days for a full money back guarantee.