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Looking for a specific activity? Download these complete mini restaurant marketing kits, including step by step instructions and done-for-you templates to create effective campaigns.

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All campaigns come with marketing ideas, done for you templates, email text, advertisement, direct mail postcards, handouts and Return on Investment calculator.

Just look through the list below, add what you need to your shopping cart and purchase. You'll receive your 'done for you' campaign by email and in Word format so you can download to your computer, insert your own pricing, edit the copy to suit your own restaurant, and hit 'print' (or send to your preferred printing company). It couldn't be easier, or most cost efficient, to start building your restaurant business immediately.

How can you go wrong with a $5.00 program? I must have made 1000% ROI with the Mother's Day campaign alone!

  • Mother's Day Restaurant Marketing Campaign


  • Father's Day Restaurant Marketing Campaign


  • Birthday Restaurant Marketing Campaign